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About MTI | History

When Jeff Baker founded Medical Technology Industries, Inc. (MTI), he had already worked in the healthcare field for over 26 years.

A graduate of the University of Utah, Baker had originally desired a career in the stock market or corporate business finance. However, he was hired in 1972 by a podiatry and dental equipment manufacturer. His time as Vice President of The HealthChair Group's DMI® medical division and his long years working with PDM®, The HealthChair Group's podiatry division, prepared him for his new venture in 1999.

Armed with the twenty-seven years of medical manufacturing knowledge, Jeff Baker founded MTI to make and sell high-quality patient and physician seating and cabinetry. MTI designed its first podiatry chair the year it was founded. A complete line of cabinetry and surgery chairs for otolaryngology followed soon after. MTI was the first American manufacturer to use 24-volt DC-powered motors throughout its line of products. Soon MTI set the standard for the future development of medical chairs and equipment in the United States.

MTI followed its exam and surgery chairs and ultra-treatment cabinets with a line of dermatology, plastic surgery, oral surgery, and ophthalmology chairs and tables, all of which were designed with low-voltage motors. Observing the superior performance of the low-voltage motors, MTI converted its line of podiatry chairs in 2001 to the same technology.

MTI's success and rapid growth led to the construction of technology-rich 50,000 square-foot manufacturing facility in 2005. The building includes green technology, including: computer-controlled high-efficiency cooling and heating systems, low-E glass windows, central plenum ceilings, and additional wall and ceiling insulation.

In 2007, MTI redesigned its already successful line of podiatry chairs in order to lower the entry height to 19", provide more lifting capability, and gain a smoother design. The redesign won the prestigious Gold Medal Award of the American Society of Plastic Engineers for design, innovation, and unique production techniques.

Today, the 50,000 square foot facility is nearing capacity. Soon, MTI will more than double its space with a new addition. Jeff Baker still runs the company. His three sons-Ryan, Brad and Mike-received bachelor's degrees in marketing or finance and work in various capacities at MTI with their father. Always looking to the future, MTI is committed to continually producing high-quality and competitively priced products while remaining dedicated to customers, associates, and the community. MTI strives to remain at the forefront of the industry by employing qualified and well-trained associates, listening to customers' needs and desires, and never losing the thirst for success.