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“ I bought an MTI exam chair and procedure chair on recommendation from a fellow colleague. I have . . .
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Matthew D. Brace MSc, MD, FRCSC
Ontario, Canada
Business Excellence helps MTI increase sales

SKF teamed up with its customer MTI, a US-based manufacturer of medical equipment, to understand their needs better. SKF applied its Business Excellence methods in the customer’s full value chain.  For example, a new forecasting planning system resulted in improved planning reliability, a reduction of broken agreements from 10% to close to 0%, and lead-times stabilized at eight weeks instead of 20 weeks.  SKF also helped MTI to reduce its throughput time in the assembly line by 40% by replacing batch production with a single piece flow.  For MTI this means increased sales, a reduced, stable lead-time from SKF to MTI, which helps MTI plan their production in a better way, and a significant reduction in inventories. (SKF is a Swedish bearing company founded in 1907, supplying bearings, seals, lubrication and lubrication systems, maintenance products, mechatronics products, power transmission products[2] and related services globally)