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450W Quad Power Bariatric Table with Mobile Base

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The 450W Quad-Power Bariatric Table is MTI’s strongest and most technologically advanced table to provide healthcare workers and patients with increased safety and strength in patient care. Four (4) synchronous power motors provide superior technology for tilt, back, and foot functions with an industry leading 800 lbs. (363 kg) ratedlift function capacity. MTI is set further ahead of the competition with durable and long-lasting all steel frame construction. Motor safety technology includes electronic current sensing with ultra-quiet, smooth and reliable 24-volt DC motors to ensure safe patient movement and precise positioning. 


Patient access and comfort is enhanced with a minimum seat height of 20” (50.8cm), seat section 30” wide x 21.5” deep(76.2 cm x 54.6 cm) with an overallmaximum length of 83.5” (212.1 cm).   Comfort is extended with the choice of Seamless Standard Premium Upholstery or Designer Ultraleather™ Upholstery with Memory Foam and an articulating trapezoidal headrest with a form fitting backrest. Economics is enhanced with a programmable foot control with autoreturn included with each table.


The mobile base on the 450W Quad Power Bariatric Table adds to increased safety and accessibility for both the patient and the healthcare worker for precise positioning of chair were needed in the exam room or virtually anywhere in the office as required. "Low Boy" Mobile Caster Base with Dual Caster Locks (DCLs) provides mobility without sacrificing low seat height. It only adds 0.5" (1.3 cm) to the entry height of the chair. If you want an easy-to-move chair with any demographic of patient, this is the mobile base for you.


• Power lift, back, tilt for trendelenburg positioning, and foot functions

• LED Operational Safety Sensor

• Easy-Glide, Rotary-Dampened, Extendable Footrest

• Foot-Mounted Splines for Leg Wrapping Support

• Programmable Foot Control

• Floating Arms™ Mechanism (RFAO)

• 30" maximum seat width

• Headrest Lock Mechanism

• Listed to UL 60601, CAN/CSA, and IEC 60601


> For 450W Bariatric Table only
> Raises base height 0.5" (1.3 cm)
> Factory Installed
> Not available with Swivel Base Option or any of the OSIT Tables

Options and Accessories
Category Image

Select the type of control you would like to operate you chair with.

Quad Function Programmable Foot Control (FC4-NS4PRS-LBTF)
Option Image MTI's standard Quad Function Programmable Foot Control has 4 . . .
Category Image
Additional Headrest Options

Select the headrest that best suites your needs. All headrests are quickly and easily interchangeable by the twist of a knob.

Deep Oval Articulating Headrest w/Forearm Supports AHP405-1
Option Image Deep Oval Articulating Headrest with Forearm Supports is one of our most . . .
Prosthetic Articulating Headrest w/Forearm Supports PHP402
Option Image Prosthetic or Cradle Articulating Headrest with Forearm Supports provides . . .
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Upholstery Kits

Select an upholstery style as well as memory foam and other depths of memory foams and standard foams.

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Upholstery Colors

MTI provides two different types of upholstery: Premium and Ultraleather. If one of our standard choices doesn't fit your office décor, contact us for non-standard color charts for a larger variety of colors or send us your own fabric to match the décor of your office.

> Click here to download a digital color chart.

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Floating Arms and Bed Rails

Your Procedure Table can be even more versatile in meeting the needs of your practice with MTI’s new patent pending Floating Arm™ system which moves with the back of the chair, eliminating the need for continual readjustment of your patient.

Category Image
Seat Rail Mounted Arms

Select seat rail mounted accessories like patient and surgery arms, stirrups, and other accessories that mount to the seat section of your table.

Category Image
Back Rail Mounted Arms

Select back rail mounted accessories like patient and surgery arms and other accessories that mount to the back section of your table.

Category Image
Base Mounted Posts, Mayo Trays, and Post Accessories

These products are specifically designed as base mounted options for our chairs for maximum accessiblity during procedures. Many options like Mayo Trays, IV poles, lights and other accessories can be mounted to the base mounted 1/2" post. 

Category Image
Other Accessories

Many other accessories are available for your MTI chair.  Choose the other accessories that you need to make your MTI chair fit your needs.

Rigid Oxygen Tube/Drape Support Delivery System (ROTDS)
Option Image This adjustable tube doubles as a oxygen tube and drape support.  It . . .
Removable Leg Wrapping Support w/o spline mounts (RLWS)*
Option Image Avoid health care professional injury by using MTI’s patent pending leg . . .