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705 Dual Power Fixed Contour Seat Consult Chair

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The MTI 705 Dual Power Fixed Contour Exam and Consult chair is used by medical professionals requiring superior access to the patient in specialties such as Dermatology, Ophthalmology, Plastic Surgery, Otolaryngology, Oral Surgery, and others for the ultimate in patent comfort with flip-up and lock-down arms for their exams and consults.  The thin backrest and narrow profile headrest gives you exceptional access to the patient whether you are sitting or standing.

  • Power lift and back functions
  • Ultra quiet 24-volt low voltage DC electric gear motors
  • 16” (40.6 cm) vertical travel power lift base with an ADA compliant 19" (48.3 cm) entry height
  • Flip-up lock-down arms
  • Headrest of choice
  • All steel frame and cushion substrates
  • Designer or Smooth Velcro®-attached upholstery in standard foams (optional memory foams and Ultraleather™ styles available)
  • Choice of foot control or back mounted hand switches with auto return, stop/cancel, and any button cancellation
  • Standard 1 position programmability allows you to put the 705 into your favorite position automatically with the simple touch of a button
  • Listed to UL 60601, CAN/CSA , and IEC 60601
Options and Accessories
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Select the type of control you would like to operate you chair with.

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Additional Headrest Options

Select the headrest that best suites your needs. All headrests are quickly and easily interchangeable by the twist of a knob.

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Upholstery Kits

Select an upholstery style as well as memory foam and other depths of memory foams and standard foams.

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Upholstery Colors

MTI provides two different types of upholstery: Premium and Ultraleather. If one of our standard choices doesn't fit your office décor, contact us for non-standard color charts for a larger variety of colors or send us your own fabric to match the décor of your office.

> Click here to download a digital color chart.

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Lighting Options

Select one of many ways to mount lights to your chair. Ceiling and wall mounted and floorstand lights also available.

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Mobile Base Options

Make your chair mobile with one of the many mobile base options MTI provides that will best fit your needs.

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1” Posts, Mayo Trays, and Post Accessories

Many options like Mayo Trays, IV poles, and other accessories can be mounted to our 1" post. This mayo tray is adjustable a full 18” and can be mounted on either side of the chair for saving valuable floor space.

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2” Posts, Mayo Trays, and Post Accessories

Many options like Surgery and Exam Lighting, Mayo Trays, IV poles, and other accessories can be mounted to our 2" post. Attaches to either side of the chair.

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Base Mounted Posts, Mayo Trays, and Post Accessories

These products are specifically designed as base mounted options for our chairs for maximum accessiblity during procedures. Many options like Mayo Trays, IV poles, lights and other accessories can be mounted to the base mounted 1/2" post. 

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Other Accessories

Many other accessories are available for your MTI chair.  Choose the other accessories that you need to make your MTI chair fit your needs.