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DV-1 Dust Vac™ for Podiatrists | MTI

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The DV-1 Dust Vac™ offers today’s Podiatry Professionals superior air flow and filtration to help avoid the occupational hazards to podiatrists who use power drills. The DV-1 Dust Vac uses a high volume vacuum motor and a large diameter hose and tip to help create high velocity air movement at the burr. This large volume of “directed” vacuum can remove more dust particles than other type of systems. This is important as revealed in a 1993 study by Carolyn K. Harvey from the California College of Podiatric Medicine. She said, “The hazards of nail dust include damage to the eyes, ears, or face by flying debris that may be obviated by the use of eye and face protection in the form of glasses, goggles, face shields, and masks. However, smaller particles become airborne, forming an aerosol that may elude these forms of protection and deposited in the conjunctiva, nose, and throughout the remainder of the respiratory tract.”

The DV-1 comes with a large diameter hose and stainless steel vacuum nozzle for up to 40% greater air flows than competitive models.  Features include:

  • High efficiency disposable vacuum bag with "quick-tach" filter bonnet for easy removal
  • Easy ultra-flex hose for less operatore fatigue
  • Thermally protected vacuum motor
  • Two filtering systems: 10 micron filter bag and a 0.1 micron filter bag and activated charcoal disk
Options and Accessories
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Drill Handpiece Adaptor Kits

Purchase the adaptors for the drill you use and adpator the MTI DV-1 Dust Vac™ hose to your drill.